Senior portraits that speak to who you are

When I reflect back to my senior year- I can't help but smile. I had SO-MUCH-FUN! Homecoming, Football Games, Spirit Week, and the Senior Class trip- I L-O-V-E-D LOVED it all. I often wish I could back in time. Back when everything was so simple. (Well It didn't seem simple at the time- but in hindsight. ha) My first love, My first car, My first party. Every moment deserves to be treasured. 

If there is one thing that I can do for you, it's to help you realize that life is precious. It goes by quick. We can't get back our yesterday's, but we can freeze an instant in time to look back on whenever we want. That is the beauty of Photography. Specifically printed photographs. 

I want you to look back at your senior session with me as an Awesome experience. One that you will truly remember. I aim to make you feel so comfortable that every moment captured is truly genuine.  

I can't wait to get to know  you!  


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