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Average total investment is $800-1500.  Please inquire for more detailed information

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What if your too expensive?

Let me help explain a few things!! 

Even still, I do understand that my services are not in everyone’s budget.   However, my prices reflect the quality that I strive to give every client.   If you are looking for a low-cost alternative-  consider  my mini sessions.    

 I assure you that my prices are comparable to those other legally registered businesses, who are educated and insured.  

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I'm just too busy...

Let me help explain a few things...

Oh boy do I know the feeling!  Trust me.    I totally get it.    That said-  I'm very flexible and do everything in my power to work around the schedule of my awesome seniors.    

I do encourage making a portrait session a priority... because before you know it-  time passes...  And.... you never know what tomorrow holds.   The only pictures you will regret taking, are the ones you didn't take.  

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I'm very self-conscience

let me help explain a few things,,,

No worries!  You are beautiful.  I promise. You will leave your session with me feeling empowered and confident.  I will show you that you truly are beautiful.  Let me show you what I see through my lens.   

How we see ourselves is all in perspective.   Lets change your perspective so that you feel as amazing as you truly are. 

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I don't want to be pressured into buying things I don't need.

let me help explain a few things....

Absolutely no worries!  I'm a no pressure kinda gal!   I have all inclusive collections so you know EXACTLY what your upfront investment is!  Our design appointment (should you choose to have one.) ...we will review the images and design your wall collection or custom album.  

Of course there is opportunity to purchase additional items... but I NEVER pressure or guilt anyone into doing so! 

Lets Do this! 


thank you!

i will be in touch with you within 24 hours!